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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Film Festival and MOCH (Coco Avant Chanel)

     Coco Avant Chanel was a personal film and a vivid depiction of Chanel's individuality. Chanel said once, "There is only one Chanel." The triumph of this film was its expression of that fact. The audience was enamored with her staunch personhood, her extraordinary and unique womanhood. The most potent awareness of Chanel's individuality came in the final scene as her tragedy and success converged into her tacit epiphany, like a little black cat on a staircase. The film is beautiful, but what's woven by the cinematic expertise of actress, director, writer, and others is a deeper masterpiece: Chanel's perfect selfness.

     What does Chanel's struggle, as Gabrielle then Coco, tell us about the conflicts of social and economic classes.

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